Specialty grains we grow include Native American Corn and our Legacy Dark German Rye.

Stewardship is in our DNA

As a family farming company, we are aware of our responsibility towards nature and the land. We strive, generation after generation, to improve our stewardship 

We value traditional craftsmanship and high quality, growing the native grains on our farm which are used to produce our craft bourbon. We carefully produce each small batch using traditional natural enzymes in malted barley for fermentation. We do not rushing the process for the sake of producing more and we use Irish style copper whisky stills to make our spirit. Our grain is smoke-dried, using apple and cherry wood.

Distillers grains left over from whisky production are fed to animals on our farm. Nothing goes to waste.

We see it as our duty to care for our land, and animals that live here. It is part of who we are today and how we have operated for generations

Come vist us

“Through our Bourbon, we are proud to share

the flavors of our land with the world.”

Gordon Ommen

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